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Referring Doctors

Thank you for your confidence and trust in our practice. Our goal is to provide the best dental care to your patients.

Please fax or e-mail your restorative, hygiene or extraction requirements to our Las Vegas dental office.

Internal Medicine
Please specify your patient’s need for SBE prophylaxis. For patients on anticoagulant therapy, please D/C your patients  anticoagulant meds about 5 days prior to dental procedures. Otherwise, provide a recent  INR report. Please notify us if the patient is on a bisphosphonate regimen.

Please list your comments on antibiotics, analgesics, and local anesthetics allowed for use during pregnancy. Please list your abdominal shield requirements for X-ray imaging.

Please comment on your preference for antibiotic prophylaxis for prosthetic joints if required.

Please specify your head/neck oncology diagnosis.  Describe your patient’s immune status, i.e. thrombocytopenic, neutropenic, etc. Our goal is to eradicate all sources of oral infection prior to your radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments. If required, we will provide fluoride trays and other regimen to deter dental caries secondary to xerostomia.

Thank you again for your trust. We appreciate this opportunity to be of service to your patients.

- M. Maxwell Hejazi, DMD, FICOI