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Advent Dental Blog

How Bad is it if I Go to Bed Without Brushing?

May 5, 2018

mature couple brushing teethThe short answer – very bad. Many patients understand that tooth brushing is important to maintain oral health, but they don’t necessarily know how important it is to brush before going to bed. During your regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings, a dentist or hygienist can help you make the most of your at-home dental care plan. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of maintaining tooth brushing and flossing routines, especially before you get some shut eye. You may be fast asleep, but oral bacteria are hard at work, creating plaque that can damage your teeth and gums.

How to Maintain Results from Teeth Whitening in Spring Valley

April 11, 2018

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woman smiling

Once you experience the boost in confidence that professional teeth whitening in Spring Valley can provide, you won’t ever want to go back to the dulled smile you had before. You don’t have to either if you know how to maintain your whitening results the right way. Learn more about teeth whitening, why your teeth stain, and how to avoid these substances in this week’s blog post.


Trust Your Emergency Dentist in Spring Valley

November 29, 2017

Man holding ice pack on cheekLike any other kind of emergency, dental emergencies can sneak up on you. If you or a member of your family in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, or other nearby communities experience a dental emergency, you can call the caring team at Advent Dental for all of your emergency dentistry needs. We offer same day emergency appointments whenever possible, and we’ll always walk you through first aid and pain management over the phone.

A Dangerous Myth About Gum Disease and Oral Health

October 17, 2017

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Dentist examing toothWe’ve got some facts about gum disease that would probably startle you. For instance — almost half of adults over the age of 35 have this oral health condition to some extent. Or how about that gum disease has been linked to a number of overall health problems, like cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, and others?